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From rustic inns to magestic craggy shorelines, Maine lends itself as a magnificent backdrop for your wedding. No matter the size, style or setting of your wedding, it is my passion as photographer to capture the “you”-ness of your celebratory event in Maine.

As a Maine weddng photographer, I focus on the uniqueness of each wedding by honing in on details. Close-ups, distant shots, black and white or color, from the look in your eyes as you see yourself in your gown for the first time that day, until long after the cake has been cut, I will artfully and subtly capture on the elements that make your wedding day unlike any other.

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As a Maine portrait photographer, I get to know my subjects. I listen and learn about how my subjects want to be seen in an image. I work closely with families to create portraits that will help capture the spirit and individuality of each person (or pet) in the portrait.

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Who doesn't love to look at beautifully crafted photos of food? My food photography is about supplying stock images that can be used from project to project, yet generic enough or specific enough to fit the needs of the market.

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Close up details, interesting angles, use of depth of field--these are just a sampling of techniques that will further highlight the uniqueness of your product.

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We Mainers have a love affair with the outdoors that defies mosquitoes and frostbite. But I admit, since summers seem shorter in Maine that the rest of the contiguous 48, photographing flowers and gardens is a Downeast photographer’s dream. It is pure joy for me.

I love close-up inspection of the details in plants. A single blossom can offer dizzying amounts of color and texture. I strive to create stock images of flowers that can be used in many different ways; personal, wall décor, stationery, calendars, notebooks, websites, etc.

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